Who Am I?

I am Anam (Khaerul Anam Widya Purnama ibn Masrur Ridwan Alhabsyi). Born in Semarang, July 21st, 1973. I live with my family in a peaceful village called Purwomartani, Sleman, Yogyakarta. I’m male and married to Mira Wulandari, and blessed with 2 lovely children (‘Ali and Jasmine). We are happy family.

I have been working most of my voluntary and professional lifetime on grass root level (since I was in High School, 1989) within nearly all sectors of social work with various target groups, mainly so-called marginalized ones. This is my root and still this is the matter that is near to my heart. I’d like to describe myself as an imagineer, a person who constantly aims at generating dreams and realizing them, trying the impossible, and using all creative means to make life as rich as enjoyable as possible. But friends describe me as a  “multi-talented skillful reliable” person. I’m an open minded person, passionate with new ideas and knowledge. I’m interested in many field of knowledge, research and activities, that made me difficult to find “focus of competency“.

I am addicted to make a living as trainer, facilitator, coach, writer, motivator and visionary. My skills and competencies spread to sustainable livelihood, gender, strategic planning, project cycle management, entrepreneurship, micro finance, rights-based approach, life skills, participatory learning, good governance, health communication, media development, inclusion, diversity and youth development.

Foto Anam

I always ready for a (new) challenge and it is a privilege to work with people. I can be reached by email anam@lc.vlsm.org or mobile/cell phone: +62 (0) 818 255 907.

For further information about me and my voluntary/professional experience and background you may click to linkedin or my facebook page.


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